Men Choose Robotic Prostate Surgery Despite Potential Risks

Surgical-systems-by-Da-Vinci-is-said-to-cause-injuriesDa Vinci robotic surgery has reaped recognition despite risks, according to online sources. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in July 2011, it has been heavily marketed, offering fewer complications, and faster recovery, making it more efficient than traditional open surgery. One of the known benefits of da Vinci robotic surgery is that it only involves smaller incisions during the surgery compared to traditional prostate surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon sits at a console, operating the “robot arms” that extract the prostate glands through small cuts in the abdomen. However, robotic prostate surgery may not be an absolute answer to men with prostate cancer.

Researchers discovered that 171 men facing prostate cancer surgery, who are having robotic surgery are expected a short stay in the hospital and able to resume with their normal physical activities, including sexual intercourse. However, benefits may not be as realistic as it seems.

There are limitations in the technology and operating system of robotic surgery equipment. For example, there is no tactile feedback available for surgeons using the system. This lack of feeling requires extra vigilance on the part of the surgeon to protect organs from accidental damage. However, hospitals can program robotic systems to make smaller movements than the operator, which eliminates some movement problems. Also, the instruments used in robotic surgeries are manufactured by the makers of the robotic equipment, meaning that not all surgical equipment is currently available for robotic equipment.

If you want to learn more about da Vinci robotic surgery, there are more information offered at the da Vinci Surgical System Lawsuit page.



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